If you are looking for a new career, or you are looking to advance your career, you have come to the right place!

The Computer Information Science Department, Sacramento City College, offers a selection of classes designed to prepare our students for pathways to careers in Information Technology (IT) and Computer Information Science (CIS). Career paths include: Information Processing, Software Development, Programming, Information Security, Networking and Web Development.

CIS Catalog

Gainful Employment data for Certificate Programs

Some students completing our programs go on to transfer to a 4-year university, while other students choose to join the workforce and get good paying jobs. Many students taking our classes are already working in the workforce.They've come here to learn new job skills or they need to update certifications for their jobs. Many students establish long-term goals to complete their degree in Computer Information Science!!


Almost all industries of our economy are now tied to technology-driven tools. Those technology-driven tools are Computer Information Science.

In today's world, knowledge of how to use a computer is essential. Ironically, knowing how to use the computer will very likely help guide you toward a career of your choice. Hopefully for you, it will be a career in Computer Information Science, because the job outlook for CIS is in high demand, with good paying jobs!

The unemployment rate for the Best Technology Jobs is less than five percent!

Computer Information Science Certificates and Degrees.

We encourage our students to complete a Certificate and Degree if possible. As you are building your pathways toward a career goal, you can complete CIS Certificates to illustrate your completion of milestones while you dedicate your time in getting a Degree, which takes more time.

Many students ask, do we think it is important to get a Degree? Well, it depends on you and your personal goals. It also depends on your dedication to your education, which should be assumed to be lifelong, especially if you are entering into the field of Computer Information Science!

Sometimes a Certification is the clout you need for the job. But overall we believe a degree will give you more clout for a career in Computer Information Science. Obtaining a degree illustrates your ability to set long-term goals and achieve them, while learning valuable skills essential to your knowledge in industry!

Employers like seeing hard work, committment and dedication to completing projects and goals. Having a degree in Computer Information Science will very likely have a positive influence on your lifetime earnings potential, not to mention your professional and personal growth.


The Computer Information Science Department offers degrees and certificates in the following areas:

  • Computer Science - Associate in Science Degree and Certificate
  • Management Information Science - Associate in Science Degree and Certificate
  • Programming - Certificate
  • Information Processing - Associate in Science Degree and Certificate
  • Information Systems Security - Associate in Science Degree and Certificate
  • Network Administration - - Associate in Science Degree and Certificate (including Advanced Cisco Networking)
  • PC Support - Certificate
  • Web Developer - Associate in Science Degree and Certificate
  • Webmaster Level 1 and Webmaster Level 2 - Certificate


CIS offers courses in 3 modalities: face to face, hybrid and online courses. Face to face and hybrid courses are offered days and evenings at the SCC main campus, located at 3835 Freeport Boulevard (across from Land Park) and at the West Sacramento Outreach Center. We also offer online courses, giving students access to flexibility in their schedule with Distance Education courses. Until funding has been fully restored, we are not able to offer all classes in all modalities at this time. See the Class Schedule for specific offerings.

CIS Faculty

Our faculty appreciate the hardwork and dedication of our students, and we encourage students to contact us during office hours for questions about our programs. We look forward to being your mentors, while you work hard to experience the success of completing a certificate or degree in Computer Information Science.


We encourage Business and CIS students to learn more about our Mentorship/Internship Program: Moving the Workforce Needle.

Why Computer Science

Power to Change the World

Department Co-Chairs

Sheley Little (M. Little)


Professor Tim Taylor


CIS Full-time Faculty

  • Kevin Anderson - Security, Core, Apps
  • Michael Dixon - Programming
  • Bruce Douglass - Apps, Core
  • Karen Parks - Apps, Core
  • Bryan Krofchok - Programming, Web, Core
  • Sandra Feder - Programming, Web, Core
  • Pat Hogarty - Core
  • Sheley Little - Web, Core, Apps
  • Laurie Smedley - Apps
  • Tim Taylor - Networking
  • Tim Wei - Programming
  • Amanda Zannakis - Programming, Core

CIS Adjunct Faculty

  • Lewis Bair - Core, Apps
  • Bill Beacon - Apps, Core
  • G. Bennett
  • P. Bryant - Apps
  • P. McGuire - Security
  • Thomas Moore - Apps, Core
  • Diane Perreault - Apps
  • Janelle Pettler - Core, Web
  • Matt Silveira, Security

Business & Computer Information Science Division

Division Hours

Monday through Thursday: 8:00am–6:00pm

Friday 8:00am–4:00pm

Division Website:

Division Office - B213 Business Building

Phone: 916-558-2581

Dean of Business and Computer Information Science

Dr. Deborah L. Saks


Administrative Assistant

Sarah Eyanson



Margaret D'Cruz


Sacramento City College
3835 Freeport Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95822


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