Computer Science, Programming and Management Information Science

Sacramento is known as "Silicon Valley East" because of the large number of computer and high-tech companies in the greater Sacramento metropolitan area. Over 500 local businesses hire employees in the computer industry, especially those who can write computer programs in a variety of languages. The Computer Information Science Department offers courses in many of the current languages popular in programming, including Java, C and C++.

Students wishing to transfer

If you are planning to transfer to a four-year college or university to pursue a bachelor's degree in this major, it is CRITICAL that you Make an appointment to contact a SCC Counselor for guidance in adhering to transfer requirements.

CIS Catalog

Computer Science - Certificate and Degree

Gainful Employment Data - Computer Information Science

The Computer Science program is designed for students preparing for careers in computer programming and systems analysis. It provides a foundation in currently used and advanced programming languages, databases and operating systems. Technical positions include: computer operator, computer programmer, systems analyst, database administrator, computer support or help desk specialist, Web developer, and application developer.


Gainful Employment Data - Management Information Science

The Management Information Science program is designed for students preparing for careers in business to effectively use and manage computers. The focus of the program is to develop student proficiency in a variety of computer applications and operating systems so that they may produce timely and accurate information. Elective courses give an opportunity to develop further skills in computer programming, database management, networking, Web development, and information systems security.

Computer skills and experience are needed for technical support staff, end-user consultants, network administrators, database specialists, information systems managers/specialists, programmers/analysts, software specialists, systems analysts, technical writers, information systems security specialists, and webmasters.

Programming Certificate

Gainful Employment Data - Programming

This certificate provides the basic proficiencies required of computer programmers for entry-level software technician positions or further study in Computer Science.

Faculty Contact

Professor Amy Zannakkis


Professor Michael Dixon


Professor Sandra Feder


Professor Tim Wei


CIS Full-time Faculty

  • Kevin Anderson - Security, Core, Apps
  • Michael Dixon - Programming
  • Bruce Douglass - Apps, Core
  • Karen Parks - Apps, Core
  • Bryan Krofchok - Programming, Web, Core
  • Sandra Feder - Programming, Web, Core
  • Pat Hogarty - Core
  • Sheley Little - Web, Core, Apps
  • Laurie Smedley - Apps
  • Tim Taylor - Networking
  • Tim Wei - Programming
  • Amanda Zannakis - Programming, Core

CIS Adjunct Faculty

  • Lewis Bair - Core, Apps
  • Bill Beacon - Apps, Core
  • G. Bennett
  • P. Bryant - Apps
  • P. McGuire - Security
  • Thomas Moore - Apps, Core
  • Diane Perreault - Apps
  • Janelle Pettler - Core, Web
  • Matt Silveira, Security

Business & Computer Information Science Division

Division Hours

Monday through Thursday: 8:00am–6:00pm

Friday 8:00am–4:00pm

Division Website:

Division Office - B213 Business Building

Phone: 916-558-2581

Dean of Business and Computer Information Science

Dr. Deborah L. Saks


Administrative Assistant

Sarah Eyanson



Margaret D'Cruz


Sacramento City College
3835 Freeport Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95822


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