Web Development

Web development is a growing field of interest as more and more jobs require employees to manage information on web sites, particularly as the internet is now the primary source of information and communication for most businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Careers in Web Development include Front-End and Back-End development. This includes proficiency in markup languages, designing the user experience, programming and scripting to connect all information on the Web. This could include website creation, website updates and administration, database connectivity, networking and security. A good Web Developer will have a combination of many of these skill sets.

CIS Catalog

Web Developer - Certificate and Degree

Gainful Employment Data - Web Developer

Web Developers are proficient at creating Web site structure and interactivity. The Web Developer Certificate requires students to use database tools and custom applications to design, code, and test interactive Web sites. There is emphasis on learning the programming and scripting languages that connect a database to a Web site. This program prepares students to become a Web Developer, Web Site Specialist, Webmaster, Systems Analyst, Web Systems Analyst, IT Analyst, Web Database Administrator, or a Back-end Developer.

Webmaster Certificates

While there is some overlap in each of these certificates, they each have their own specilization. Level 1 provides a general overview of web technologies to support industry. Level 2 has more of a focus on the back-end support needed for networking and security of websites.

Webmaster Level 1 - Certificate

Gainful Employment Data - Webmaster Level1

Webmasters are proficient at blending the art of Web page coding with the visual arts to create pages that are content rich and visually pleasing. They are skilled with page layout, image creation and manipulation, and Web page scripting. In addition, they administer the Web sites and keep them secure. The Webmaster, Level 1 certificate requires learning to use current markup languages and industry standard software for Web content development and presentation, following the international standards as recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium. This certificate prepares a student to become a Webmaster, Web Team Member, Information Systems Analyst, Information Technology Analyst, or Web Designer.

Webmaster Level 2 - Certificate

Webmasters are practitioners of communication via the World Wide Web who are proficient in the technical aspects of Web site design and development, as well as the implementation and administration of Web servers. The Webmaster Level 2 Certificate requires learning standards-based Web site development and basic skills related to servers, routers, security, network management, and systems maintenance.

This certificate prepares the student for free-lance or entry-level employment as a Webmaster, Web Team Member, Information System Analyst, Information Technology Analyst, or Web Server Administrator.

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